About Foxxy

Let Foxxy be your partner in creating unforgettable, inspiring moments. We manage events according to your wishes. We stand by you, listen carefully and always let you shine. Everyone will crave to have an event like yours – original, elaborate in detail and perfectly coordinated. We understand the importance of your event and always seek to fulfill it and therefore, we are a reliable supplier. Take the opportunity and we promise you to experience an unforgettable event.

Corporate events

Foxxy stands by your side during important business moments. We won’t let you blow your money up for nothing – we understand what such an event means to you and your business.

Our events deepen the relationship of your employees and partners with the brand you built. We can also assist you with crisis communication in the time of need.

We explore details and innovative features to keep the competition far behind you. We are professionals with a human approach. Therefore you will gladly sign your name under the event with ease and relief – all in front of your partners, employees and the public.

Private events

It is here! The unforgettable moment of your life. Let us be your guides and we will turn all your wishes into reality up to the last dream detail. In addition, we will bring something extra that sets you apart from others. We will create an unforgettable experience with a smile on our faces. Believe us when we say that your friends and family will be complaining about not having an event like yours.

Consulting services

If your business is linked to the event sector, we can evaluate your infrastructure, correct target audience and the attractiveness of your offer. We will help you transform your event offer which will make your potential client want to engage with you, and disregard your competition’s offer.


Tell us about your event. Together, we will bring it to perfection.


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